Modern Medieval Auguries Of This Pandemic That I, Personally, Ignored

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Detail of an owl in a decorative border; from a description of the Holy Land by Martin de Brion of Paris, France, 1540.

Thirty years ago on a midnight nature hike at summer church camp in Northeastern Ohio I saw the only owl I’ve ever seen in my life. I totally forgot about it — until now.

I got into birding briefly in my 30s and I saw a pair of pileated woodpeckers in a dead tree and uploaded a picture to iNaturalist. I was very excited about it and told anyone who would listen to me about how surprisingly big they were and showed them the picture, but then I got in to other things.

There was a story a years ago about a Seattle girl who became friends with crows and they brought her little trinkets of appreciation, buttons and pieces of foil and whatnot, and it inspired me, and I decided I, too, wanted to befriend my local crows so I left peanuts on my lawn, but the crows did not want to be friends with me.

Over the recycling center behind the private school lacrosse field near my house where I was taking the recycling about a month ago I saw sea gulls, wheeling ominously far from the sea, and I thought, “I wonder if this kind of plastic is the kind of plastic that’s recyclable.”

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